This is the hotly anticipated CIGARS BILLIARDS LUNCHES from The Sportin’ Lifers! Composed of all but one track of original material, this album is the culmination of many long hours in the studio. We’re excited to release it into the wild. If you’d like to buy a copy direct from us, drop us a line at Sportin’ Lifers HQ — $10 per CD plus $4.65 priority shipping.


T r a c k l i s t

1 Bad Idea (Draper/BMI)
2 (I’ve Got a) Longing in My Heart (Robinson)
3 Count on Me Baby (Draper/BMI)
4 Born at Night (Draper/BMI)
5 Up to You (Wallace, Draper/BMI)
6 If You Wanna (Wallace, Draper/BMI)
7 Take a Number (Draper/BMI)
8 I’m Just Lookin’ (Draper/BMI)
9 I’m Never Blue (Draper/BMI)
10 Seasick (Draper/BMI)
11 Don’t Tell the Neighbors (Draper/BMI)
12 My Baby Broke My Heart (Draper/BMI)
13 You Look Good in the Dark (Wallace, Draper/BMI)
14 Flaneur’s Blues (Draper/BMI)